Cloth diaper trial and errors

30 Jul

Ah, cloth diapers, good ol’ cloth diapers.
It has been two years now since I started my adventure in cloth, and boy, have I ever learned a ton!

It all started with a Craigslist ad, “free cloth diaper stash” what? You mean I could diaper my child for free? And it’s only a block away!?(I was 8 months pregnant, lol, good thing it was close)

So I picked them up, checked them out, got very excited, and started researching, and researching and reading and googling and researching.
These diapers were Kushies brand, a Walmart available diaper, plain flannel insides, Velcro tabs, nothing special.

And then I realize that these diapers had horrid reviews, and that ‘gasp’ they won’t fit from newborn! So obviously I had to look for more suitable ones.

Back to Craigslist, I found a bummis diaper set, a lot of pre folds in newborn and infant size, and some bummis covers size small to large! I was set!
And then I found some cute thirsties covers.

So Olive was born, was LOVING my pre fold system, until at about 5 months she became a wriggley moving protesting rolling baby.
I decided I must try pocket diapers.

So I sold off all my pre folds, and found a set of “comfy rump pocket diapers”
It took me two days to realize these would not work because my child’s legs were chunky and the aplix would rub on them every time she moved. Off those went.

Next up I bought a bunch of used fuzzibunz, that I didn’t realize until they got home but were potent, like, horrid ammonia buildup, 10(not exaggerated) boilings, covers too, bleaching, vinegar, dawn, hand washing, nothing got rid of it, got my money back, donated them to cloth for a cause, and went hunting again.

Then came kawaii, and sun baby diapers. They were awesome! I used them for a good six months, before a friend sent me three bum genius freetimes to try.

At that point I decided I must slowly but surly make my entire stash bumgenius diapers.
But then I came across a flip diaper, and built up and sold off, built up, and sold off until I had a stash(which is what I have now) of bumgenius freetimes, 4.0 and flip diapers!

Want to know what I found sucked huge and what I loved?
That comes in tomorrow’s post!



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  1. CDsimple July 30, 2013 at 5:32 pm #

    Reblogged this on CDsimple and commented:
    Finding the right diaper for you is not always easy but once you find a system you like, the leftovers can often be re-sold. It helps to try out different styles and brands first and a diaper trial from a local shop can help you do just that!

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